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The Driverless Vehicle

The Franklin Law Firm  |  News

Google has been testing its driverless vehicles on the road, especially in Texas where the conglomerate’s testing has been welcomed with open arms. The vehicle is extremely autonomous; in fact, it makes judgments on turning and speed based on the relative distance and speed of other cars. Experts argue that the driverless car could potentially […]

The Aftermath of Drunk Driving

The Franklin Law Firm  |  News

You know from our previous post that Uber and Lyft are now helping to fight drunk driving and DUIs in Dallas and all across Texas. It is a great alternative to having a designated driver, who often feels left out and bored at parties; and the price (compared to the price of a ticket) is […]

Uber, Lyft Helping to Fight DUI Car Accidents in Texas

The Franklin Law Firm  |  News

If you’ve ever used Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare or private ride program before, you probably became an instant fan. After all, it only took a few clicks, $20 or $30 bucks, and you were home. There was no dealing with traffic, no finding your car in a crowded garage, and no hassle at […]

The Real Drunk Driving Problem in Texas

The Franklin Law Firm  |  News

We all know drunk driving is a problem in the U.S., but what about closer to home – right here in the Lone Star State of Texas? Is it a serious problem here? How are we measuring up to other parts of America? Are our roads more or less dangerous from a drunk driving standpoint? […]

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