About Us

The Franklin Law Firm, LLP has become a powerful advocate for DWI victims and their families.

These accidents are 100% preventable – by holding drunk drivers accountable we not only help the injured victims and their families, but we also make our community safer.  And, while holding drunk drivers fully accountable is crucial, we also believe it is important to make every effort to prevent these tragedies before they happen – that’s why The Franklin Law Firm, LLP is a proud partner with MADD – working in our communities to raise awareness, provide support & resources and save lives.

Our clients are good people who have suffered devastating loss in DWI accidents – either through serious personal injury or the death of a loved one. Knowing that they have chosen us to serve as their voice during their time of need is the highest honor and a responsibility that The Franklin Law Firm, LLP takes very seriously.

Why does having our own trial courtroom make us unique?

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