The Driverless Vehicle

Google has been testing its driverless vehicles on the road, especially in Texas where the conglomerate’s testing has been welcomed with open arms. The vehicle is extremely autonomous; in fact, it makes judgments on turning and speed based on the relative distance and speed of other cars. Experts argue that the driverless car could potentially […]

When a Driver Leaves Drunk From Your House

If there is one thing Dallas knows how to do, it is how to throw a party. The Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving are wonderful opportunities to invite friends and loved ones to your house. There is nothing like the feeling of providing guests with food, drinks, and conversation to remove yourself from […]

When Someone Causes a Car Accident While Driving Your Car

Earlier this month, Chivas Blair Smith was arrested while trying to flee from the Dallas County Police. During a routine traffic stop, authorities stopped Smith near Denton Drive. While performing a background check on Smith, he fled the scene in his vehicle, immediately prompting a car chase. As the authorities closed in on him, Smith […]

The Aftermath of Drunk Driving

You know from our previous post that Uber and Lyft are now helping to fight drunk driving and DUIs in Dallas and all across Texas. It is a great alternative to having a designated driver, who often feels left out and bored at parties; and the price (compared to the price of a ticket) is […]

How Life Changes for Victims of a Drunk Driving Accident

Every two minutes, a person is injured because of a drunk driver. In 2013 alone, that equaled nearly 300,000 injures across the year – and that’s not even including the thousands and thousands of others who were killed because of drunk driving. The truth is that drinking and driving is a serious issue in our […]

Uber, Lyft Helping to Fight DUI Car Accidents in Texas

If you’ve ever used Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare or private ride program before, you probably became an instant fan. After all, it only took a few clicks, $20 or $30 bucks, and you were home. There was no dealing with traffic, no finding your car in a crowded garage, and no hassle at […]

When Your Spouse Drinks and Drives – What to do

Many times, drunk driving is talked about like some “other” issue – something other people do that could, some day, impact you or someone you love if you’re not careful enough. But what about when that someone you love is the person to blame instead? When they’re the one drinking, getting behind the wheel, and […]

The Real Drunk Driving Problem in Texas

We all know drunk driving is a problem in the U.S., but what about closer to home – right here in the Lone Star State of Texas? Is it a serious problem here? How are we measuring up to other parts of America? Are our roads more or less dangerous from a drunk driving standpoint? […]

Franklin Law handing keys

The Financial Burden of a Drunk Driving Accident for Dallas Families

When a drunk driving car accident occurs, it’s not just the victim who suffers; it’s their entire family. First, there’s the emotional pain. Whether the victim perished in the wreck, was severely injured or got away with just a few nicks and bruises, all families feel shaken after a drunk driving car crash has affected […]

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Felony-Level DWIs Abound in Texas

Around the holidays (from Thanksgiving to New Year’s), the number of DWIs in Dallas tends to heat up. If recent news stories are any indication, that trend certainly stayed strong in 2015. In the last couple of months, DWIs have been all over the headlines; but they’re not just your usual cases of drinking and […]