10 Alternatives to Drinking and Driving in Dallas

Drunk driving kills 28 Americans every day, and in 2013 alone? More than 10,000 died in drunk driving accidents on U.S. roads.

It’s a sad and sobering fact, but drunk driving is a real problem in our country, and the only ones who can fix it are ourselves.

That means being diligent about our driving habits, watching out for (and reporting) dangerous drivers on the road and making sure our friends and loved ones always have a safe ride home.

But what about when you’re the one drinking? While it may be tempting to get behind the wheel if you’ve only had one or two drinks, the truth is it’s just not worth it. There are dozens of alternative options that can keep you safe and help you avoid a crash.

Next time you’re drinking, here are some alternative ways home to keep in mind.

  1. Call a cab. This one’s easy. Just ask your bartender for the number of a local cab company, and a ride will arrive for you within minutes. To be extra safe, always keep a cab number stored in your phone just in case.
  2. Use a safe rides program. There are loads of safe rides and sober rides programs throughout the state of Texas. Some are free, some come with a cost and some with even take you home in your very own car. SoberRides.org is a great place to start.
  3. Call a friend or loved one. If you have a reliable friend or loved one in the area, don’t hesitate to call them first. It’s free, and they’ll be sure to take care of you in your time of need. They’ll be happy just to keep you safe.
  4. Stay put. When in doubt, just don’t leave. Order a glass of water and some food, and park yourself in a booth for a few hours until the alcohol works itself out of your system.
  5. Walk to a nearby friend’s house or hotel. If there’s one nearby, walk to a friend’s house or local hotel. This will give you somewhere to sleep off the alcohol and avoid getting behind the wheel.
  6. Use Uber or Lyft. New on-demand ride services like Uber and Lyft can be great in a pinch. You just open an app on your phone, put in your destination and payment info, and a car shows up to take you home in minutes. These are typically cheaper (and faster) than traditional cab services.
  7. Ask your bartender or waitress for a recommendation. Be sure to talk to your bartender or waitress if you’re in need of a ride home. Since they served you, they’re at risk too if you get in a crash, so they have good motivation to get you home safely.
  8. Carpool and designate a sober driver. Going out with friends? Carpool there and designate a sober driver ahead of time for the ride back. In exchange for their driving, offer to be the DD next time. Keep it fair!
  9. Don’t drive in the first place. If you plan to drink, avoid the temptation of drunk driving by leaving your car behind altogether. Take an Uber to the restaurant or bar you’re heading to, and don’t even give yourself the option of getting behind the wheel.
  10. Plan ahead. The absolute best way to avoid drinking and driving is to plan ahead. Whether that planning involves designating a DD, storing a cab number in your phone, or lining up a hotel room nearby, it doesn’t matter. Just do what it takes to stay safe!

There are tons of options to avoid drinking and driving in Dallas, and any one of them can help you avoid a dangerous drunk driving car accident. To learn more about DWI car accidents or to talk to a Dallas DWI car accident lawyer about a DWI crash you were involved in, contact the Franklin Law Firm team today.

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