Am I an Alcoholic?

Are you wondering if you have an addiction to alcohol?

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can affect all aspects of your life.  Long-term alcohol use can cause serious health complications affecting virtually every organ in your body, including your brain.  It can also damage your emotional stability, finances, career, and impact your family, friends and the people you work with.

Alcoholism can be treated.

While some people are able to recover without help, the majority of alcoholics need outside assistance to recover from their disease.    Alcoholism treatment programs use both counseling and medications to help a person stop drinking. Treatment has helped many people stop drinking, rebuild their lives and live a healthy and happy life.

Are you concerned about the role alcohol plays in your life?  A simple 26 question self-test distributed by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) is intended to help you determine if you or someone you know needs to find out more about alcoholism.  Click here to take the test.