No Excuses Dallas – DWI Alternatives Are All around Us

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In today’s day and age, there’s simply no excuse for a DWI. After all, alternative ride options are everywhere.

All it takes is the few clicks of a button, a phone call or even a text, and you can have a ride at your door in moments, with no risks to your life necessary.

The even better part? Most of these options are pretty affordable, too. At $10 to $50, depending on how far you’re going, safe ride options are extremely cheap, especially when compared to the costs of a DWI (which can sometimes reach well above $10,000.)
The truth is DWIs just don’t make sense – either financially or logically. They put you and others on the road in danger, they eat into your pocketbook, and they tarnish your record and reputation for life.

Want to avoid all the unwanted side effects that come with a DWI? Then use one of these many alternative options next time you’re too drunk to drive:

  • Uber – One of the most popular car services around right now, Uber lets you hire a private driver right in your area. All it takes is a simple app on your phone, and you can have a car waiting for you in minutes. The best part? It’s super cheap, and you can even opt for carpooling options if you want to save even more cash.
  • Lyft – Lyft is very similar to Uber, offering private car drivers for a minimal cost. You just hook up a payment option to the app, plug in your destination and call a car when you need one. The entire transaction is handled digitally. All you need to do is hop in, hop out and crawl into bed when you get there.
  • Taxi cab – One of the more traditional DWI alternatives, taxi cabs are always available to pick you up and take you home. These tend to be a little pricier than Ubers or Lyfts, and they sometimes take longer to arrive. Most of the time, your bartender or waitress will be able to give you the number for a local cab company if you can’t find one yourself.
  • Safe ride programs In Texas, there are dozens of safe ride programs that offer free rides or rides at a minimal fee. Many of these programs even drive you home in your own car, so you don’t get ticketed or towed while you’re away. On holiday weekends, many large cities also offer free safe rides home through AAA. These are to cut down on the high number of DWIs and drunk drivers typically seen on celebratory days.
  • Designated driver – This age-old solution never fails. Simply designate a friend or loved one as your DD, and make sure you have a ride home from the get-go. If no one you’re meeting up with is willing to be the DD, enlist your spouse or a family member to pick you up when the time comes. If they’re not too keen on the idea, offer to buy them dinner or something in exchange for keeping you safe and sound.

There’s just simply no excuse for drinking and driving in today’s world. Thanks to modern technology, you only need a phone, a few dollars and your home address, and you can be safe and warm in your own bed in just a matter of minutes.

So next time you drink, don’t drive home. Save this post in your phone and use Uber, Lyft, a taxi, a designated driver or some other safe ride program instead. You – and your community – will thank you for it.

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