Dallas DWI Car Accident Kills Moped Driver

A 22-year-old drunk driver caused a five-car crash in Dallas recently, killing one driver.

Erin Barrington, a 2015 graduate of Dallas Baptist University, slammed her Nissan Pathfinder into a moped while changing lanes. The moped then collided with a Chevy Impala in front of it, and the moped’s 32-year-old driver, Thomas Ray Jungerberg, was thrown onto the road. Three more cars crashed as a result, and Jungerberg was pronounced dead at the scene.

Barrington was booked into Dallas County Jail on intoxication manslaughter charges, and her bail was set at $50,000. Though Barrington maintains that she only had one drink many hours prior, officers said she was off balance and needed help walking during her arrest.

Helping the Mourning Jungerberg Family

Sadly, the story of Thomas Ray Jungerberg’s isn’t uncommon, and nearly 30 people die in DWI car accidents every day. At Franklin Law Firm, we aim to put a stop to these dangerous car accidents, to help the families of those affected by them and to make our communities and roads a safer place.

In this case, we would gladly help the Jungerberg family seek the justice they deserve. While Barrington could certainly face criminal penalties for her actions, we could also take civil action against her and help the Jungerbergs get recompense for the pain and losses they have suffered.

Here are the types of compensation we could help the Jungerbergs secure:

  • Funeral and burial expenses – First and foremost, we could help them get the funds they need to cover the burial, funeral and other associated costs. These could help the Jungerbergs give Thomas the memorial their loved one deserves.
  • Medical costs – If any medical costs were incurred because of the car accident, these could be compensated for as well. This includes ambulance costs, emergency room care or even just processing in the mortuary.
  • Pain and suffering – With a sudden death, there is always much pain and suffering, and Thomas’ loved ones deserve to be compensated for that. Though it will not take their longing for him away, it may help alleviate some of the financial stress caused by his early death.
  • Property damages – Thomas’ moped was likely damaged in the wreck, along with other property of his. His family would be due funds to repair these damages or to replace what was lost.
  • Loss of income and benefits – It’s likely that Thomas contributed to his household’s finances by paying for rent, mortgage, bills and more, or maybe even providing healthcare or other benefits to his loved ones and dependents. The loss of these could be severe for the family, making it difficult to cover the monthly bills and just get by. If this is the case and Thomas was a contributor to the household, his family would be due the income that will be lost – both now and in the future – as the result of his death.
  • Loss of companionship, guardianship, etc. – If Thomas had kids, a wife or a significant other, their lives would be forever changed. They lose out on his companionship, love, guardianship and consortium over the course of their lives, and they’d be due recompense for that.

Because Barrington acted extremely negligently, the Jungerbergs would likely be due punitive damages, too. These are crucial in a case like this, as they penalize the at-fault party for their behavior and deter them from making the same mistake again. These type of damages could prevent Barrington from causing another Dallas drunk driving car accident or death in the future.

By punishing drunk drivers both with criminal charges and civil suits, we can help decrease the number of DWI car accidents – and premature deaths like Thomas Jungerberg’s – on Dallas roads. If you or someone you love was effected by a drunk driver, make sure to call Franklin Law Firm today. Our Dallas DWI car accident attorneys are here to help.

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