Dallas DWI Driver Hits Cyclist on Dallas Streets

A 26-year-old riding her bike home from work was recently hit and seriously injured by a drunk driver in uptown Dallas.

Deb Culbertson, who is known to ride her bike everywhere and meticulously plan out the safest routes, was hit while crossing at a red light on Munger Avenue. The driver, 24-year-old John Cullins of Royse City, ran the light and collided with Culbertson’s bike immediately. The car vs. bike accident occurred at 7:30 p.m., and Culbertson had both a helmet and a headlight on.

Culbertson doesn’t remember much about the wreck, because she was put into a medically induced coma to prevent further swelling in her brain. She suffered a broken leg, a concussion and serious scrapes, bruises and cuts all over her body. She will now have to undergo a six-week healing process, followed by months of physical therapy after that.

As for Cullins, he has been arrested on two charges – DWI and intoxication assault. The charges are currently pending.

How Culbertson Can Take Action

Though Culbertson is lucky to have come out of this DWI accident alive, that doesn’t mean the incident should be brushed aside. On top of the criminal charges against John Cullins, Culbertson also has a very liable civil case against Cullins – one that could help her cover medical bills, physical therapy costs, a replacement bicycle and more costs associated with the wreck.

Taking civil action against Cullins could also help deter further drinking and driving on his part, protecting other cyclists and drivers on Dallas roads, too.

All in all, Culbertson could be due the following types of compensation following her unfortunate experience of this DWI accident:

  • Medical expenses – She likely has ambulance and ER bills to cover from the night of the accident, and she’ll have continued costs for check-ups, X-rays, medications and physical therapy. She is due compensation for all of these.
  • Lost income – Because of her injuries, it is likely that Culbertson cannot get to work or complete her job work as usual, and that could mean serious lost income over the next few months – especially if her physical therapy doesn’t go as planned. She would be due funds to cover this lost income, as well as any benefits she’s missing out on while away from work.
  • Her bike and accessories – Culberton’s bike was destroyed in the crash and, as an avid cyclist, she likely had other accessories that were damaged as well, such as her light, helmet, and any other add-ons she installed after purchasing the bicycle. She is due funds to cover repairs and replacements for these items – whichever is necessary.
  • Punitive damages – In cases where the at-fault party was particularly negligent, the victim may also be due what are called punitive damages – damages designed to penalize the defendant for their wrong-doing. These types of damages go above and beyond what Culbertson is already due, and they could help deter Cullins from drinking and driving ever again.
  • Pain and suffering – Since the moment the wreck happened, Culbertson has endured lots of pain and agony. She would be due funds for this suffering, as well as for the undue hardships it has caused her.

Though these types of compensation would not make up for the difficult time Culbertson has been put through, they could certainly make the stress of the situation easier on both her and her loved ones.

If you or someone you love is ever involved in a Dallas drunk driving accident like Deb Culbertson was, you would be due similar damages, too. Be sure to contact the experienced DWI car (and bike!) accident attorneys at Franklin Law Firm, and we’ll ensure you get the justice and compensation you’re rightfully due.

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