Dallas DWI Victim? Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

When you’re a car accident victim in Dallas, having a car accident lawyer on your side is always a good idea.

But when that car wreck involves a drunk driver? An attorney is just downright necessary.

With a DWI car accident, there are so many facets involved than in a traditional wreck. There are usually criminal charges, more police involvement and – you got it – more money on the line. Many times, there is also more damage – both physically and to the vehicles.

In these cases, a DWI car accident lawyer can be huge help, getting you more money, more help and more justice for the suffering you’ve endured.

Were you or someone you love hit by a drunk driver? Or otherwise hurt in a DWI car accident in Dallas? Here are just a few ways a lawyer can help you get by:

  • Making sure the drunk driver gets punished – First and foremost, a lawyer can make sure the drunk driver gets what they asked for. Though the Dallas police will handle the criminal charges, an attorney can help you file a civil suit against the driver and penalize them even further. They’ll be forced to pay thousands of dollars in damages (maybe even more), and they’ll definitely think twice about driving drunk ever again.
  • Taking legal action against any other parties that may be involved – Often, it’s not just the drunk driver who’s at fault. Sometimes, there are bartenders, restaurants, party hosts, waitresses and even passengers who play a role in drunk driving accidents, and when this happens, these parties need to be punished, too. A Dallas DWI accident lawyer can help you file a claim against these additional parties, giving you even more compensation and ensuring they never act similarly again.
  • Getting you the damages you’re due (including punitive damages) – A lawyer can also ensure you get the compensation you’re rightfully due for your wreck. That means money for the damage your car and property suffered, medical bills if you were injured, lost income if you missed any work, rental car fees if you were forced to foot them, and much, much more. You’ll also be due punitive damages, which are designed to go above and beyond traditional damages, particularly when an at-fault party is extremely malicious or negligent in his or her actions.
  • Keeping the community safe from future accidents – An added bonus of hiring a lawyer is that by fully punishing the driver, as well as any other at-fault parties involved in the DWI wreck, you’re also keeping the community at large safer as a whole. You can rest assured that driver won’t be driving drunk again anytime soon, and that means your friends, neighbors, loved ones and anyone else on local roads is infinitely safer because of it.
  • Guiding the way – The post-DWI accident process can be a confusing and overwhelming one. There are police to talk to and insurance agents to work with, and all the while you’re dealing with injuries, car repairs and lost work. It can be a hassle to say the least. With a lawyer on your side, you get guidance each and every step of the way. It can ease your mind, take the burden off your shoulders and help you get the peace you need after your painful wreck.

For the victim of a DWI car accident, an attorney can be the perfect ally. They can fight for your rights, punish the drunk driver and make sure justice is served in every sense of the word. They also help keep you, your loved ones and your community safe by financially penalizing all at-fault parties involved.

Were you or someone you love hit or hurt by a drunk driver in Dallas? Then contact the Dallas DWI car accident attorneys at Franklin Law today. We know how to get the justice and compensation you truly deserve.

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