Dallas’ New Year Resolution: I Won’t Drink and Drive

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The New Year is upon us, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to set those resolutions and start committing to a better, happier, healthier 2016.

If you’re not sure what to resolve, we’ve got a hint for you: Vow not to drink and drive.

Sure, we might be a little biased in the arena, but this is a resolution that not only improves your life – but also one that improves the entire world around you. It makes our roads, our Dallas community, our loved ones and our family members safer.

And isn’t that worth a little extra effort?

The Problem: Why Dallas citizens should make this New Year’s Resolution

Not totally sold on swearing off drinking and driving for your New Year’s resolution? Let us put the topic into perspective.

To start, let’s look at the big picture. Across the U.S., more than one million drivers are arrested for drinking and driving every year – and those are just the ones that get caught. In reality, there are about 121 million self-reported instances of drunk driving annually, meaning a whopping 99 percent of all drunk drivers actually get away with it.

But just because they don’t get arrested doesn’t mean there are no repercussions. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every day, nearly 30 people die because of alcohol-related car crashes. In total, that’s a death every 51 minutes and thousands and thousands of deaths every year. That’s just in the Unites States alone.

To make matters worse, about 17 percent of all child car accident deaths can be attributed to alcohol, as can 31 percent of all crash deaths across the country every year.

It’s a serious, life-threatening and severe issue to say the least, and it’s something we all need to take steps to stop right here in – Dallas.

Preventing It

Fortunately, by resolving never to drink and drive, you can be a part of the solution. With just one choice, you can prevent pointless, tragic death and injury to yourself, your passengers and others who share the roadway with you, and you can make the community a safer place for everyone.

It’s simple, it’s easy and all you need are a few guidelines:

  • Plan ahead. If you’re planning to drink, make sure to also plan for the ride home. Store the number of a cab company in your phone, enlist a friend to pick you up, or appoint a loved one to be your DD.
  • Have a back-up. In case your plan falls through, always have a back-up. Download the Uber and Lyft apps, or research hotels around where you’ll be bar-hopping. If you need a place to crash last minute, you want to have the info ready and waiting for you in your phone.
  • Don’t even bring your keys. Force yourself to find alternate routes home by leaving your keys behind. Take a cab to and from the party, bar or restaurant, and don’t even give yourself the temptation of having that car waiting for you in the parking lot.
  • Tell your friends about your vow. Talk to your friends about your resolution to not drink and drive, and ask them to make sure you stick to it. If you’re wavering or trying to get behind the wheel while even just mildly intoxicated, instruct them to take away your keys and call you a cab. They’ll be your strength when you don’t have it!

We all play a role in keeping our roads and communities safe; vowing not to drink and drive is just one of the ways we can do that.

Sadly, no matter how hard we try to keep drunk drivers off the roads, sometimes, accidents still happen. Fortunately when they do, the DWI car accident lawyers at Franklin Law Firm are here to help. Just give us a call right away, and we’ll help you get the justice you deserve.

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