How Life Changes for Victims of a Drunk Driving Accident

Every two minutes, a person is injured because of a drunk driver. In 2013 alone, that equaled nearly 300,000 injures across the year – and that’s not even including the thousands and thousands of others who were killed because of drunk driving.

The truth is that drinking and driving is a serious issue in our country. There are an estimated 300,000 cases of drinking and driving every day (though only about 4,000 are caught), and more than 10 million admit to driving under the influence every year.

Those are some staggering statistics – and they only take into account the immediate impact of drunk driving in our country. They don’t even graze the serious, life-changing effects a DWI car wreck has on a victim, as well as their loved ones.

You see, even those who are lucky enough to survive a drunk driving car accident in Dallas don’t come out unscathed. They are left with the lingering after effects of the car wreck for many, many years to come. Let’s delve into these effects now.

Physical Effects

First and foremost, drunk driving car wrecks in Dallas can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. Broken bones, torn muscles and minor bruises may heal, but what about when a victim loses a leg? When they’re paralyzed from the waist down? When they lose their hearing, eyesight or other sense?

These sorts of injuries can have far-reaching effects, impacting virtually every minute of a person’s daily life. It can change their ability to care for themselves, to walk, to pick up their children, to drive a car and just generally go about life as they’re used to.

On top of this, injuries can also cause immense pain, and not just up front either. Many injuries need painful surgery or treatment to heal, or they lead to pain that lingers for decades, serving as a constant reminder of that one fateful day.

Emotional Effects

A DUI car wreck in Dallas can have serious emotional effects for a victim, too. For one, it can cause extreme fear. Will they ever be able to get in a car again? Will they fear for their life at every turn? Will they be on edge, anxious and waiting for the ball to drop every second of their life?

Drunk driving victims also often experience depression, usually due to all the serious life changes they’ve had to deal with, as well as the serious ways their injuries have impacted their familial and spousal relations. Just think: If a victim is paralyzed, what does that mean for their intimacy with their spouse? How would it impact their ability to parent their children? These effects can cause extreme emotional distress – both for the victim and their loved ones.

Financial Effects

Sadly, drunk driving car accident victims in Dallas also have to deal with serious financial repercussions, too. There are car repairs, medical bills and insurance costs to cover, and (if an injury requires regular treatment) added costs for surgery, medications, doctor’s visits and more. Sometimes, when a serious injury is involved, it can even impact a victim’s ability to work, and that means less income – or maybe even no income at all. That could put a victim and their family in extreme financial distress, making it hard to pay the bills, cover rent and even buy groceries.

DUI car accidents in Dallas, Texas, aren’t just a one-day hassle. They have a far-reaching, life-changing impact on those they affect, and they can alter a victim’s physical, emotional and financial well-being both today and in the future. If you or someone you love was hit by a drunk driver, don’t let them get away unscathed. Contact the Dallas DWI car accident attorneys at Franklin Law Firm today, and we’ll help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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