Intoxicated 20-year-old crashes into motorcycle, injuring 2


A 20-year-old man was arrested Sunday April 26, 2015, shortly after police say he drove while intoxicated and fled a crash that severely injured two people.

Dallas police say Juan Diaz Lizama crashed into a motorcycle carrying a 60-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman. The man was listed in critical condition and the woman was in serious condition, police said.

A Dallas officer was working an off-duty security job in his police uniform around midnight at 2706 Samuell Boulevard when he heard a “loud noise” outside, police said in a news release. A witness told the officer that a white Dodge Ram with no tailgate had crashed into a motorcycle and fled the scene.

The witness provided the officer with the Ram’s license plate number, police said. Another officer went to the home address that was associated with the registered vehicle. There, the officer saw a white Dodge Ram parked in the 8100 block of Valley Glen Drive, and called in more police officers.

Police said Lizama exited the pickup holding a towel and looked at the front of the vehicle. Police arrived and arrested Lizama. They said there were four juveniles and an adult passenger inside the pickup.

Lizama was booked into Dallas County Jail on two counts each of intoxication assault with a vehicle causing serious bodily injury and accident involving serious bodily injury.  Police didn’t say why they believe Lizama was intoxicated.


Naomi Martin – Dallas Morning News

Published: April 26, 2015