Bill to help stop repeat drunk drivers needs Gov. Abbott’s signature

We need to encourage Gov. Abbott to sign into law House Bill 2246 which would increase the number of first-time convicted drunk drivers who would have interlocking devices (which requires the driver to blow into a device that measures their blood-alcohol content before the engine will start) placed on their cars. It’s been a very long time since any kind of ignition-interlock legislation has come out of the Texas legislature and landed on the governor’s desk to be signed into law (one of over 1,000 bills that await his signature).  This bill would allow judges to provide first-time offenders with the option of having the interlock device placed on their cars instead of having their driver’s license suspended.

Unfortunately, Texas leads the nation in the number of people killed each year by drunk drivers.  And research shows that people who drive drunk do so many, many times before they eventually get into a crash that hurts or kills someone or until they are finally caught by the law.  Please contact the Governor’s office by clicking here or by calling 512-463-2000 and tell him that Texans want to be protected from repeat drunk drivers.  This bill will help save lives.

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