The Financial Burden of a Drunk Driving Accident for Dallas Families

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When a drunk driving car accident occurs, it’s not just the victim who suffers; it’s their entire family.
First, there’s the emotional pain. Whether the victim perished in the wreck, was severely injured or got away with just a few nicks and bruises, all families feel shaken after a drunk driving car crash has affected someone they love.

They may even feel scared – scared for their own lives or others in their family – or they could feel some level of guilt (What if I had driven them instead that day? What if I’d convinced them to stay home?)

On top of all this emotional strife, DWI wrecks often take financial tolls, too. Victims’ families may have to cover:

  • Medical bills – This could include everything from ambulance rides and ER care to diagnostic testing, medication, surgery and more.
  • Car damages and repairs – If the victim is unable to cover the costs of repairing or replacing their vehicle themselves, the family may step in and help cover the expenses.
  • Higher insurance fees – Regardless of what type of wreck a driver is involved in (even if it’s not their fault), car insurance will always go up. This could be as little as a few dollars a month to hundreds and hundreds a year. Families will often go the extra mile and help loved ones with these extra costs.
  • Lost income – If a victim is injured and unable to work, they may lose wages along the way, making it hard to pay bills or even cover their rent. This may require some financial intervention from family members to keep bills on track, or victims may even need to move in with loved ones until the storm blows over.

Fortunately, families don’t have to cover all these costs alone. With the help of an experienced DWI accident lawyer, victims and their loved ones can get compensation for all these items – and then some – directly from the drunk driver or his insurance.

Here’s How It Works:

Dallas DWI car accident lawyers will work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to get coverage for car damages, medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with the Dallas car wreck. If the insurer tries to make a low-ball offer, victims and their DWI car accident lawyers can then move to take legal action against the drunk driver.

Often, litigation won’t just cover the necessities – like lost wages and medical bills – but it will go one step further and award compensation that’s above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes, it will even cover:

  • Future medical costs – Rather than just cover the bills already incurred, a lawsuit can force the drunk driver to cover future medical costs, too. This is ideal if the victim’s injury will require lifelong treatment or further surgery to correct.
  • Pain and suffering – An insurance company won’t give a victim funds for pain and suffering, but a legal suit often will – especially if a car wreck resulted in particular physical or emotional harm to the person. This can mean hundreds or even thousands more toward the victim’s needs.
  • Punitive damages  Punitive damages are reserved for cases of extreme negligence, and in most cases, Dallas DWI car wrecks qualify as such. That means victims can get added compensation purely to penalize the drunk driver and discourage them from driving under the influence ever again.

If someone in your family was hit by a drunk driver, don’t go it alone. Let us help shoulder the emotional and financial burden and get you and your loved ones the justice and compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more or to discuss your case.

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