When Your Spouse Drinks and Drives – What to do

Many times, drunk driving is talked about like some “other” issue – something other people do that could, some day, impact you or someone you love if you’re not careful enough.

But what about when that someone you love is the person to blame instead? When they’re the one drinking, getting behind the wheel, and driving home, no matter how many shots or beers they’ve thrown back in the last couple of hours?

In Dallas, it’s more common than you might think.

Fortunately, as long as we’re able to recognize the problem early, there is plenty we can do to help our loved ones – long before a DWI or drunk driving car accident occurs.

Is your spouse drinking and driving? Are you afraid they might? Here’s what you can do:

  • Be by their side – One of the best ways to prevent your spouse from driving drunk is to simply be with them next time they go out. Is he hitting up happy hour after work? Is she attending a birthday party? Be by their side the whole night through, and when it’s time to head home, take their keys and drive them yourself. Yes, that means you’ll have to be the sober one, but it also means you’ll both get home safe and in one piece (and that no one else will be hurt in the process.)
  • Offer them an unconditional ride – Let your spouse know that no matter what’s going on or how much they’ve had to drink, they can always count on you for a ride. Tell them you won’t be angry, you won’t be upset, you simply want them home safe and sound. You’ll also want to ask them to be open and honest about where they’re going and what they’re doing, so you can be on call if a need arises.
  • Install the Uber app on their phone – If they don’t already have it, download the Uber or Lyft apps to your spouse’s smartphone. These are a great way to get a fast, affordable ride home when you’re in a pinch. Show them how to work the app, and go ahead and configure a payment method so they don’t have to mess with it when they’re under the influence.
  • Plug a cab number in, too – You should also look up a few local cab companies and plug those numbers into their phone as well. You want your loved one to have as many safe ride choices as possible, when push comes to shove.
  • Get them a breathalyzer – You can actually purchase breathalyzers now, or even get a device that hooks up to your phone. Purchase one for your spouse and show them how to use it. Tell them that if they blow a result that reads over .008, they need to call you, a cab or an Uber to get home, otherwise they’d risk a DWI charge. If you really need to drive it home, show them this post, which breaks down just how much a Dallas DWI can cost you.
  • Encourage them to get help – If your spouse’s drinking has become a serious issue, get to the root of the problem and encourage them to get help from a nearby counselor, therapist, or rehab program. You can also point them to local AA groups or even attend with them, if they’re nervous about joining up. They need your support during this time, so do your best to provide it.

Is your spouse drinking and driving? Take steps to stop them – and protect them – before it’s too late. Need more information on drinking and driving? Want to learn more about DWI charges in Dallas? Check out the Franklin Law blog now.

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